My Beautiful Granddaughters Chloe & Violet

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday cards and a Miss you card , Sympathy card and Sweet 16th Card

Hope you all enjoy these cards. I enjoy making them so I can get a very special Friend in NZ to get feeling better and might also get inspired, These are to inspired you My Kiwi Girl. hugs and feeling better bugs going your way.

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  1. Hey wonder woman you are amazing. I love your blog posts and yes you always manage to inspire me even when I am sooooo tired. Have my DGD who is 1 month off 2 and is sick with a cold so every time she lies down finds it difficult to breathe so I have been sleeping in the room with her so I hear her when she wakes. had 5 mins while she is having her pm nap so checked your blog. will be back again to study it better. Kiwi